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Comprehensive and based on methods that

are proven to work.

UpLift is an interactive app

Trying to beat depression may feel overwhelming.

Luckily, UpLift can be with you every step of the way.

UpLift will check in with you. It will get to know you,

and adapt to your answers.

Most importantly, it will teach you the skills that have

helped millions of other people lift their moods and

overcome depression.

that can help you lift your mood and overcome depression



Just create an UpLift account, and you're ready to go. No need to hassle with phone calls, appointments, or insurance.


Access UpLift from anywhere, at any time. Try a Session while you're commuting or working out on a treadmill. Open the app when you're feeling motivated—or to get help when you're at a low point.


UpLift is a fraction of the price of other treatments.


UpLift adapts to your symptoms. Each person has their own tailored experience.


UpLift is based in methods that have been scientifically shown to work, with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the most proven system for depression on the planet. To learn more, check out the research behind UpLift.



You can use UpLift from your smartphone or your computer, and switch between them whenever you want.


You're not listening to stale recordings or watching lengthy videos—you're reading, clicking, and answering questions at your own pace. You can choose how much to do, and how much to skip.


No one needs to know you're using UpLift. 


UpLift isn't a stodgy, sanitized robot. It uses the warm, friendly voices of its authors. We make it fun to work on feeling better. 


If you aren't already doing anything to improve your mood, UpLift is a great place to start. If you do have a doctor, counselor, or medication, UpLift can work alongside those, too.


When it comes to alleviating depression, there are plenty of ideas out there. At UpLift, we believe in the power of evidence to show us what's worked before—so we can learn from it and use it to continue helping others. That's why UpLift is entirely based in methods that have been scientifically proven to work, especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT has been developed for over 50 years, and has over 100 randomized control trials proving its effectiveness   .

Computerized CBT programs have been shown in multiple meta-analyses to be just as—if not more—effective than face-to-face therapy or medication      . It can also work alongside face-to-face therapy or medication   .  It is a government- sponsored treatment in multiple countries, including the 

UK, Sweden, and Australia.

What UpLift Users Say

For the first time LITERALLY IN YEARS I have real hope that I know WHY I keep having these same challenging day[s] and the same cycle of depression and anxiety over and over again. And that means I feel for the first time ever some power in changing that cycle.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

This was one of the most important sessions I think I could possibly have had at this point in my life...This session gave me an idea of what can be done to get me out of my low points and on to living my life again.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

Thank you so much. I'm seriously about to cry because today's session was so important and useful to me.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

I am excited about what else UpLift has to offer because I have already had my eyes opened to so many new tools in only one forty minute session with the app. I feel ready to tackle my depression head on with the help of this program.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

I wasn't sure if UpLift would be something that I would be interested in at first. After my first session, I am looking forward to doing more. I've let my moods steer my life for too long and now I have a tool to help me take control.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

I feel like UpLift really wants to work with me instead of just informing me of what depression is like a regular book. It's a process and I feel like I can gain a lot!

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

I think this is an amazing idea to help me with my depression... it's so much easier to start at my own pace instead of someone else's!

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

It makes depression more of a concrete thing that you can fight back against.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

I have been through many treatments, but I feel like this might be most beneficial to me because I am in control of it. I do not have anyone telling me what I have to do or what I cannot do, these decisions are entirely mine.

- UpLift user, Rating: 10/10

Get moving in the right direction.

Lift your mood and overcome depression with UpLift!


Updated as of 5/25/18.

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